Children's picture books & selected artwork by Yoshi

Who's Hiding Here?

In her first picture book, small children love finding the creatures that are hidden within the natural world.

Paint on silk with dye

A to Zen

A taste of Japanese culture with an alphabet book presented as a Japanese book, to be read from back to front. The topic words appear in English and Japanese calligraphy, and touch on such areas as festivals, food, clothing, school, and even walkmans!

Paint on silk with dye

The Butterfly Hunt

A boy, surprised by a butterfly decides he wants it for his very own. Lush paintings beautifully convey the thrill of the chase, and the moment of triumph.

Paint on silk with dye

Magical Hands

As William listens to his friends wish for the perfect birthday – a day free of chores – he looks at his rough hands and smiles. It wouldn't be magic, but he had what it took to make a birthday wish come true for each of his friends.

Paint on raw silk with dye

Skeleton Woman

A story from the Aleutian culture is brought to life through emotion-filled watercolor paintings. The ancient legend tells of how love can conquer all, even death.

Water color

Other selected artwork

Yoshi is a member of the Western Massachusetts Illustrators’ Guild

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